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Śródmieście Cultural Center
9 Smolna Street (entrance from 2 Al. Jerozolimskie)

The exhibitions at the Smolna Gallery have become a permanent element of the program at the Śródmieście Cultural Center. The intimate interior is perfect for the presentation of a wide variety of exhibitions, such as painting, photography, sculptures or theatrical scenography.

The gallery has an open formula - it presents its works both non-professional authors (e.g. participants of classes at the Artistic Workshops of DKŚ at Foksal 11), as well as authors professionally associated with various fields of art (eg students and graduates of arts majors at universities).




Jacek Bukowski s painting studio

"Dzień Dobry na Zawsze!" (in the memory of Władysław Hasior)


open from 22 January 2019 till 10 February 2019

Anna Boszko, Jacek Bukowski, Anna Grzybowska, Bożenna Hinc, Barbara Kosiak, Waldemar Kusal, Anna Łącka, Wiktoria Mikulska, Iwona Nielubowicz, Danuta Niklewicz, Jolanta Noga, Krystyna Rafalska, Hanna Szoll

Jarosław Glapiński „Lato na północy – w Arktyce”

photography exhibition

18 December 2018 – 6 January 2019

Jan Krzysztof Meisner (1928–2011) „Ukośniaki”

painting, drawing and photography exhibition

20 November – 13 December 2018

Dorota Wójcik  „Słoneczne metamorfozy”

Silk painting exhibition

30 October – 18 November 2018

Jerzy Iskierka "The Excluded"

Jerzy Iskierka "The Excluded"

photo exhibition

4 July - 27 August 2018

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